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Coffee Power ⚡

Coffee Power ⚡

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Coffee roast

Indulge in the pure essence of Mexico with our organic Coffee POWER. 

This coffee is 100% natural, free from additives and synthetic caffeine, ensuring a clean and authentic taste. Sourced from Colima, MX, each batch is meticulously crafted in limited quantities to preserve its exceptional quality and flavor profile. Our exclusive Café de Olla blend captivates with warm notes of cinnamon and chocolate, delivering a bold and satisfying coffee experience.


• Type: Organic Coffee, 100% Pure
• Origin: Colima, Mexico
• No Additives: Free from additives and synthetic caffeine
• Production: Not mass-produced; crafted in limited batches
• Quantity: Low quantities available

Embrace the artisanal charm of Mexican coffee ☕

Energizing Blend

Awaken your senses with our energizing Coffee Power blend. Sourced from Colima, MX, this organic coffee boasts rich flavors of traditional Café de Olla, infused with notes of cinnamon and chocolate. Perfect for starting your day with a revitalizing kick.

Pure Mexican Delight

Experience the pure delight of Mexico in every sip. Our Coffee Power is 100% natural and organic, free from additives and synthetic caffeine. Handcrafted in limited batches to ensure superior quality, it delivers a smooth and bold flavor profile that coffee enthusiasts will love.

Ground Coffee

Experience the convenience of our Ground Coffee version of Coffee Power. Sourced from Colima, MX, this organic blend offers the rich flavors of Café de Olla infused with cinnamon and chocolate notes. Perfect for easy brewing and enjoying the authentic taste of Mexican coffee at home or on the go.

Bold Flavor Profile

Delight in the bold flavors of our Coffee Power blend. Imported directly from Colima, Mexico, this coffee features a robust Café de Olla base complemented by hints of cinnamon and chocolate. Enjoy its deep, satisfying taste that lingers on the palate with every sip.

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